MBM’s enduring relationship with the Defence sector informs our unique understanding of the industry’s vision, purpose, and objectives. In response to our nation’s dynamic and complex strategic environment, we are proud to support the ADF in its mission to defend Australia’s national interests in the name of sovereignty, domestic security and prosperity.

Xan Duong

Quantity Surveying


Xan is a Director driving successful outcomes for diverse projects in the West. With 25 years of industry experience, Xan guides MBM’s Western Sydney team and the development of the region through cost leadership on major projects. Known for his high level of personal oversight, Xan navigates changing scopes, evolving requirements, and unforeseen challenges. Xan’s contributions to the future of Western Sydney include advising on social infrastructure, industrial, commercial building, fitouts, tertiary education, retail, and residential developments.

Western Sydney Experts

Helga Maynier

Quantity Surveying


Helga leads the firm’s quantity surveying division across Australia and spearheads Defence sector projects utilising more than 30 years of international industry experience.

As MBM’s Equity Director and National Head of Quantity Surveying, Helga provides clients with strategic cost management and contractual guidance for Defence developments of all scales. She adeptly navigates project budgets throughout the design, tender, and construction stages with an appreciation of defence-specific requirements, including the protection of information security throughout project lifecycles.

Helga has developed specialisations across all aspects of quantity surveying including whole of life cost analysis, operational expenditure, and expert witness matters. Her technical expertise proves instrumental to steering successful Defence projects through effective risk mitigation, probabilistic cost estimation, and the management of contingencies through a comprehensive evaluative approach.

Edna Yeo

Quantity Surveying


Edna is an astute Director driving the success of Defence and Correctional projects utilising more than 15 years of experience.

Edna specialises in the provision of cost planning and management services across the scale of greenfield and brownfield developments. She has delivered extensive projects under an array of procurement routes including lump sum, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), construction management, design and construction. Edna’s strong awareness of industry trends enables her to effectively meet the evolving needs of clients and support the development of communities across Victoria.

Edna is a key advisor to clients in the Correctional sector. She has developed a strong commercial relationship with judicial clients through driving successful outcomes on a project portfolio for Court Services Victoria (CSV). Edna holds a deep appreciation and understanding of information and infrastructure security requirements, underscoring her approach to carefully mitigating project risks from the initiation stage.

Gabrielle Davies

Building Consultancy


Tharshi is a highly experienced Quantity Surveyor creating solutions across the spectrum of project complexity for Western Sydney developments. Tharshi leads the delivery of services for MBM’s industrial sector projects utilising over 15 years of international construction industry, project management, and quantity surveying experience. Tharshi’s strong focus on creating high-quality client outcomes and commercial relationships contributes to successful projects in Western Sydney throughout commercial, residential, hospitality, and sports sectors.

Ujwal Lakra



Ujwal is a seasoned Director in MBM’s Advisory division supporting a team of dedicated consultants to deliver tailored solutions that cater to the requirements of Defence clients.

With 12 years of experience in facilities and asset management, Ujwal provides strategic asset planning and management services for property and infrastructure based in the Defence sector and across all levels of government. He brings a wealth of expertise underpinned by his extensive experience in facilities maintenance and management, asset lifecycle strategy, functional reviews, and business case preparation.

Ujwal’s operational guidance ensures the maintenance of Defence infrastructure and assets to the highest standards of performance and regulatory compliance. He advises on major Defence projects including procurement, bid, and contact tendering processes. Ujwal is a recognised expert, a senior practitioner in asset management from the Asset Management Council, and a senior principal in asset management from the World Partners in Asset Management.

Edward Robins

Quantity Surveying


As an Associate in MBM’s Quantity Surveying division and with over a decade of experience, Edward leads Defence projects to success with a focus on project risk mitigation through precision-driven cost management. Edward’s engagement with diverse branches of the Department of Defence informs his understanding of industry specific risks, challenges, and intricacies in complex high value projects with strict security dynamics.

Working with subject matter experts across the business, Edward’s strategic approach encompasses a holistic evaluation of project inputs and constraints to ensure the highest quality of pre and post contract services are delivered to Defence clients.

Throughout projects of all scales and scopes, Edward builds strong client relationships to determine where value can be added. He ensures all critical stakeholders remain informed through considered risk modelling to support optimal strategic decision making.

Scott Denison



As an Associate in MBM’s Advisory division, Scott leads Defence projects through his broad expertise in facilities, estate, and IT service industries across the public and private sectors. Scott’s professional background includes a 12-year career as a General Manager of Technical Services in the Department of Defence, which informs the breadth of his technical specialisations with Defence projects.

Scott guides the delivery of strategic asset and facilities planning with a focus on social infrastructure, contracting strategy, strategic sourcing, and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) contracts. He holds an advanced understanding of Defence procurement methods, substantial Defence estate portfolios, and military establishments. His familiarity with critical aspects, such as SBC/DBC and the Parliamentary Works Process, testifies to his expertise with Defence developments. His multidimensional knowledge demonstrates his extensive experience with operational requirements, tender negotiations, and Defence project management.

Project Highlights

Civic & Public Domain





MBM is proudly sponsoring the Property Council of NSW’s Western Sydney Outlook event on 13 February.

Through insightful discussions, a dynamic panel of experts in property and construction will delve into the changing landscape of Western Sydney. The forward-looking event will explore emerging asset classes, alternative finance models, and development trends in West from rising construction costs to the impact of new taxes.

For more information on the conference, visit the Property Council of Australia website.