Goodbye to coffee in disposable cups

AuthorDavid Pearson

Every minute, over one million disposable cups are discarded in landfill. On top of that, half the world’s plastic created today is for disposable items, which will be discarded without thought. When placed end to end, the 500 billion disposable cups used each year could circumnavigate the earth 1,360 times. Paper coffee cups, usually have a plastic lining which is not biodegradable, so even when you refuse the plastic lid, you’re still generating waste. The plastic in our oceans is destroying the environment, and killing the creatures who live there. It is polluting our beaches, and leaking toxins into our soil. (references are from various articles and studies cited on the KeepCup website)

We are proud to say that we have made the switch. With this initiative, MBM is continuing to drive forward its commitment to protecting the environment, and is setting a visible example in the fight against waste. Out of this little cup, came an awareness of how our small actions can make a big difference in the world.

David Pearson