MBM - Proud sponsors of the Landscape Architecture & Urban Infrastructure Award

We are delighted to be associated with this prestigious event and extend our congratulations to all of the nominees of the Logan Urban Design Awards. The awards promote excellence in the design and creation of urban environments, both large and small, within the City of Logan.

The categories were:
Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award - Awarded to exemplar public realm works (proudly sponsored by MBM)
Master Planning Award
Architecture Award
Business, Programs and Events Award

The winners in the above categories were:
Jimboomba Community Garden
My Home and The River Estate
McDonalds Underwood & Landini Associates
Extraction Artisan Coffee

At MBM  we recognise the important role that landscape architects play in shaping our environment and we value and foster excellence within the construction industry. Our association with this event and award promotes MBM’s vision of creating inspirational spaces and places.
The Jimboomba Community Garden is a truly inspirational project. It demonstrates the potential of a shared passion and the power of a productive landscape to establish a dynamic, diverse and unifying community resource.
The garden exhibits how land donated by the local school can be used to engage the surrounding community. It provides an important precedent and serves as a reference project to those involved in community building and  in particular to developers involved in delivering new communities across the region.
“It was an honour to present the award to the Jimboomba Community Garden which validates the role the community plays in shaping and improving our environment.” – Kerry O’Connor (EQS) on behalf of Yves Du Bois, Director at MBM