MBM Visited by Robots

AuthorPaul Janes

Logistical Efficiency in Healthcare

MBM recently invited the Lamson Group into our offices in order to present innovative healthcare logistical solutions and the new Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) which has recently been introduced to the Australasian market.

MBM has worked on a number of healthcare projects on the autonomous logistical solutions have been considered (AMR, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), pneumatic tube systems, pressurised linen chutes) and worked closely with organisations such as Lamson to ensure we have an understanding of the developing technology which promotes efficiency in the delivery of support services.

MBM recently completed an automated transport business case and by combining the expertise within our organisation we were able to consider not only the cost of the cost of the system and associated infrastructure costs but also key issues which are likely to affect the efficiency and functionality of the automated system such as facility and workflow design, materials handling formats, integration with vertical transport, real time location and identification systems, storage area configurations, exchange areas and workflow elements of internal distribution.  This enabled the client to have a complete cost/benefit analysis of the implementation of an autonomous solution and ensure that options considered would produce real value in terms of cost and efficiency.

The Lamson RoboCourier AMR is designed to reduce waste and increase process efficiencies and throughput, making it a great tool for organisations interested in adopting a lean workflow solution through:

Work Standardisation - Creates a standard of work and provides reliability for specimen delivery.

Queue (wait) time - Programmed, on-demand transport minimizes wait times.

Transportation - Automated transport reduces walking and frees personnel for more critical tasks.

Unnecessary motion - Autonomous transport minimizes handling and distractions.

Overburdened staff - In a healthcare environment it allows personnel to focus attention on patient-related tasks.

For more information on MBM work with hospital procurement contact Justin Noakes on Justin.Noakes@mbmpl.com.au