Today marks 18 years since founding of MBM in 2002.

The foundation of Milliken (John) Berson (Ian) Madden (David) brought together three experts in their particular market sectors being PPP Advisory Services and Quantity Surveying (residential, workplace, commercial and health) with hopes of growing a boutique firm of 12. Now with MBM reaching adulthood we are 10 times the size expected, with aspirations of further growth numerically and in the breadth of service offering in difficult times. Ian and I remain at the coal face enjoying, as owners, serving our clients. The firms success has been as a result of exceptional employees some of whom have become owners including David Pearson (CEO), Paul Janes (Chairman), Helga Maynier (National Head of Quantity Surveying), Xan Duong (our first employee and West Sydney Manager), Yves De Bois (Queensland Manager) and Richard Smith (New Business). I would have enjoyed seeing many of you at our annual Sydney May Day client function handing out exorbitantly expensive, long lasting, gifts and sharing tall stories but that is not to be in 2020. Hopefully we can do so firstly meeting up in groups 10 then 20 then 50 and so on at our new Sydney office at 1 Chifley in the coming months. I’m one very proud aging Quantity Surveyor.

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