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Nicola Woodward

National Key Account Manager

Nicola has over 25 years of experience in property consulting in Australia and the UK. Nicola specialises in analysing capital expenditure throughout the lifecycle of property; particularly for tax purposes and budgeting. She is responsible for our Key Account Program.
Nicola has strong interpersonal skills and her strengths lie in understanding and interpreting client requirements and finding innovative solutions to deliver them.


Two weeks ago we hosted our clients and colleagues poolside at the Next Hotel in Brisbane to thank them for their ongoing support of MBM.

By Nicola Woodward

Last night’s Federal Budget, amongst many other things, set out a program aimed at helping small businesses and reducing pressure on housing affordability by tweaking deductibility rules for capita

By Nicola Woodward

Six months ago the thought of negative gearing being abolished and Donald Trump being the GOP front runner in the presidential race in 2016 was laughable.

By Nicola Woodward