600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern


New South Wales


Quantity Surveying

Client name

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC)


Social and Affordable Housing

Project Lead

Richard Smith

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600-660 Elizabeth Street Redfern stands as a transformative residential development strategically positioned in Redfern, NSW. In crafting approximately 250 dwellings, the development prioritises diversity, encompassing residential spaces alongside commercial and retail units.

Led by Architectus, the design phase is expected to conclude in early 2024, paving the way for construction to commence in mid-2024. Sitting on a 1.1-hectare State Significant Precinct, the project is a linchpin in the NSW Government’s Communities Plus Program, representing the largest social and affordable building initiative in the country. It further distinguishes itself as the NSW Government’s inaugural build-to-rent mixed tenure housing project, heralding an innovative approach to social housing delivery.

The housing mix is deliberately inclusive, comprising 30% social housing, 30% affordable housing, and 40% private housing. An integral aspect of the project is the incorporation of a new public park and open space, enhancing accessibility for the wider public.

A pivotal element of the project involves extensive consultation with the community and key stakeholders. Their input will shape the master plan and guide the preparation of a comprehensive State Significant Precinct rezoning proposal. This includes the implementation of new planning controls and a site-specific Development Control Plan (DCP). At its completion, the development will not only address the shortage of affordable housing in Redfern but also set new standards in sustainable, community-focused urban development.

A key focus for the client an project team, sustainability lies at the heart of the project with a dedicated focus on eco-friendly practices. This includes the use of recycled materials and the integration of energy-efficient appliances. To foster a sense of community, the development will house essential facilities such as a community center and a childcare center.