Cherbourg Cultural Pathway

Associate - Quantity Surveyor

Andrew Butler

Cherbourg Council
Cherbourg, QLD
$ 6m

The Cherbourg Council in-conjunction with the Commonwealth Government has proposed the construction of a “cultural pathway” to enable safe means to commute from Cherbourg to Murgon by walking, jogging, running, pram, scooter & bicycle.


-  5.5km long 2m wide concrete footpath separated from Cherbourg Road pavement located primarily within the road reserve but in some areas extending into private property.

-  minor gully raised path and culverts

-  pedestrian bridge creek crossings

-  steep sections of pathway


MBM prepared and presented a Concept Cost Plan including 3 options on various pedestrian bridge crossings. 


Artistic Impression © Ethos Urban 

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