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Jemena owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the east coast of Australia. With more than $9 billion worth of major utility infrastructure, they supply millions of households and businesses with these essential services every day.

MBM did a fitout for Jemena Melbourne from level 11 to level 17. MBM has been co-ordinating with designers and other consultants from the Schematic Design stage. Continuing effort is being applied as the project moves through to construction stage and beyond, providing tracking services and cost advice through to working directly with the client on landlord contract advice/recommendations, tender advice, and tax depreciation services.

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Jemena - Testimonial

Client Testimonial

"Jemena is responsible for managing critical infrastructure, so it was important the project team were able to work together closely to ensure the project was delivered on time, on budget and without issue. Although the team faced many challenges, MBM always ensured we were kept abreast of all issues and most importantly they ensured an open and honest relationship between client and consultant was maintained. This was a major contributing factor to the success of this project."

Bridget Ferris Jemena
Property Projects Manager