Lowood Fernvale Sewer Upgrade


Lowood, QLD


Quantity Surveying

Client name

Queensland Urban Utilities




Andrew Butler

The Lowood-Fernvale Sewer Upgrade will double the capacity of the existing sewer network and ensure the region has the infrastructure it needs to meet future demand.

Central to the new sewer network is the Lowood Sewage Treatment Plant. To assist the transfer of sewerage from the townships to the treatment plant, new sewerage pump stations will be built at Lowood and Fernvale. The new Lowood Sewerage Pump Station will be located at the site of the town’s existing sewage treatment plant and the new Ferny Gully Sewerage Pump Station at Fernvale. The existing sewerage infrastructure will be decommissioned, demolished and the land rehabilitated.

Eight kilometres of pipeline will be constructed to connect the new pump stations to the Lowood Sewage Treatment Plant. MBM provided full range of QS services comprising cost plans, pre-tender estimates, tender recommendation, assessment variations and monthly progress claims.