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Service LeadMike O'Shea

Infrastructure cost and contract management services

We provide a range of cost and contract management services on, civil works, roads, bridges, rail, water & sewerage, oil & gas, mining, and power.

Independent estimating (iE)

Our independent assessments of project costs take into consideration escalation and market conditions. We give you top down and bottom up estimates at the concept, preliminary and detail design stages of capital projects. We base our capital estimates on digital measurement, in-house cost databases, industry experience and market knowledge. We also provide estimates of lifecycle, operating and maintenance costs.

Probabilistic/ Risk estimating

Our risk estimating process brings in your key stakeholders when establishing the project estimate to give you a robust estimate that takes into consideration risks and opportunities. We provide probabilistic/risk-based estimates to determine the P50 and P80/P90 of options. We also facilitate your risk workshops.

Cost planning

We determine initial cost plans and updated estimates and cost information throughout the project. You will know about any cost variances in time to correct them quickly and maintain your budget.

Commercial management

Drawing on our industry knowledge, tested practices and focused commercial management, we give you advice on procurement, contracts, payment types, relationships, and allocation of risks. We also manage the contract throughout construction.

Contract administration

We administer your project in accordance with the contract and give you early reporting on estimated final costs. We handle progress claims impartially and give independent assessment of variations. Our processes are for reviewing progress claims are well-established. We calculate the value of works completed and recommend payment. We review and negotiate any variations and provide the cost to complete the project.

Audits / Reviews

You can rely on our independent reviews and audits of quantities, costs, progress claims and payments in negotiations.

Expert witness and dispute resolution

Our expertise in evaluating technical and financial claims means we are often called on as expert witnesses and asked to participate in dispute resolution. 

Planning and scheduling

We can act as your cost advisor, developing an understanding of time-related issues and incorporating them into estimates and cost plans. We undertake planning and scheduling tasks on smaller projects, and engage specialist schedulers and planners on larger projects.

Constructability reviews

Our cost advisor services include constructibility reviews, generally using a specialist consultant to ensure all relevant issues are considered and incorporated into our estimates and cost plans for alternative designs.

Procurement of maintenance services

You can draw on our extensive experience in the contracting of maintenance services on infrastructure projects—including strategic reviews of existing services and contracts, and procurement of new contracts.


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