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Quantity Surveying

Service LeadDavid Madden

A natural extension of your property team

Cost estimates and cost management from your project's inception through to its completion. We work with you to balance the always-conflicting priorities of cost, time and quality.

Feasibility studies

Early and effective feasibility cost advice will help you assess the viability of your project. We’ll identify key development risks, help with scope definition, and give cost and program advice. Our feasibility studies help secure finance and pinpoint which sensitivities are crucial to your project’s success.

Cost planning and estimating

Cut the uncertainty in your budgets using our detailed cost plans. We take all contingencies into account and give you a total project cost estimate so you can make the best-informed decisions.

Expert witness and dispute resolution

We appear as expert witnesses in dispute resolution proceedings.  
We are recognised for our impartiality, technical expertise and knowledge of building contracts. We prepare transparent reports of the quantum that can be substantiated.

Bills of Quantities

Our detailed bills of quantities allow you to insist on quality, accurate tenders that you can evaluate from a comparable base. And they give you a basis for variation assessments during construction. 

Tender estimates, analysis and evaluation

Our independence gives you confidence that only what is relevant will be considered in your tender process. We provide the documentation for tendering, including provisional sums calculated in consultation with your design team. And we impartially evaluate tender responses and reconcile them to the proposed budget.

Contract administration

We ensure your project is completed in accordance with the building contract. We follow established cost monitoring and reporting procedures to determine 
if you should make payment against progress claims and completed works. Our independent assessment of variations also mitigate complaints. 

Financier reporting

Our rigorous risk management framework identifies risks early through a succinct report to financiers. This independent review of pre-commencement construction costs safeguards the financiers, developers and builders. In the post-contract stage, we calculate the cost to complete and progress payments; we monitor and report on potential risks; and we offer recommendations.

Replacement cost analysis

We assess realistic costs of replacement, so you do not under- or over-insure. Our rigorous methodology determines the cost of a facsimile replacement of your existing building. We take into account the costs of demolition and removal; the costs of site establishment and bringing the building to current legal requirements; and the professional fees that would be involved. 


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