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We make sure you know your optimum depreciation entitlement.

We analyse and report across a wide range of capital allowances and tax depreciation services, encompassing legal provisions that include Division 
40 Capital allowances, Division 43 Capital works deductions, repairs and maintenance expenditure, environmental expenditure and related balancing adjustments on disposal of assets.

Tax depreciation and capital allowance schedules

We ensure your after-tax return on your property investment is optimised. As soon as you build or buy a property, we prepare tax depreciation and capital allowances schedules that detail the deductions available to you. We run a thorough review of the ownership of assets to demarcate clearly between landlord and tenant assets. We reconcile the depreciation schedules with the fixed asset additions. And we give you projections for allowances available for the remaining life of the property.

Asset registers

When we manage your fixed asset registers, you are certain of compliant depreciation and optimised after-tax returns. And you have the information you need to analyse and plan strategically.

We review the capital expenditure invoices and scope of work for any capital projects expenditure that has happened since the asset register was last updated.

We incorporate new expenses into the asset register to allow for ongoing 
capital expenditure analysis, reconciliation at the end of financial year, and the preparation of depreciation schedules. Effective asset register management also helps you in ongoing tenancy reviews, capital expenditure forecasting, condition audits and the updating of replacement cost assessments for insurance purposes. We can provide online access to your asset register data via iOPS™ (Integrated Online Property Solutions).

Depreciation modelling and auditing

We review your depreciation schedules to ensure compliant depreciation, optimised after-tax returns, and a consistent approach across the portfolio. 
We bring the schedules up to best practice so they can be used for claiming depreciation into the future.

Transaction support for acquisition, disposal and leasing

We give you the information you need to explore the financial implications of a transaction. Our analysis can be given to potential purchasers to speed up the sales process. It provides clarity of ownership and leads to optimised after-tax returns. 

We give you estimates of allowances so you can address depreciation comprehensively during due diligence and divestment. Where fit out contributions are part of the leasing deal, we give landlords and tenants depreciation schedules based on asset registers that can be appended for complete clarity about ownership.


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