MBM is driving conversations and providing solutions in partnership with the public and private sector. Our Social and Affordable Housing experts have been tackling social housing challenges since the firm’s establishment in 2002. With expertise across all elements of quantity surveying and advisory, MBM brings decades of industry experience for the effective development, construction, and asset management of social and affordable housing projects ranging from single dwellings and large estate developments, to medium and high density apartment complexes.

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Beyond Waiting Lists: a practical blueprint to grow Australia’s supply of social housing


Social and Affordable Housing Experts

David Pearson

David has over 30 years of experience advising clients on the procurement and management of built assets in Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), and Washington D.C. David specialises in guiding MBM’s public sector clients and financiers on asset planning, procurement, and management with a focus on the social and affordable housing sector. David supports overcoming industry complexities by providing guidance to the NSW government on the management of major public housing estate renewals.

Richard Smith

Richard is an advisor on affordable housing and an expert on design methodologies. He proudly drives evolutions in the built environment utilising over 30 years of international experience and applies his technical specialisations to promote advancements in the Australian residential sector. He actively sheds light on social housing developments through keynote speaking engagements at industry events and furthers discussions on design, construction, and sustainability opportunities.

Justin Noakes

Justin brings over 25 years of expertise as an Asset Management (AM) Advisor to the social and affordable housing sector. With specialisations in asset management, due diligence, facilities management, project estimation, feasibility studies, cost benchmarking, and procurement, Justin strategically advises government, developers and community housing providers on greenfield and brownfield housing projects.

Sabrina Tapson

Sabrina has forged a successful 8 year career in the Australian and South African Quantity Surveying sectors. A key advisor to the social and affordable housing sector, Sabrina utilises her dynamic expertise to support major residential developments while catering to unique project requirements. Her strategic leadership on milestone residential developments has been pivotal to delivering sustainable solutions that align with the objectives of social housing enterprises and state governments.

Project Highlights

MBM Affordable Housing Leads Justin Noakes and Richard Smith will be presenting at the upcoming Modular for Affordable Housing Conference in Sydney on 19 June 2024.

Their session, titled “Building the Future: Embracing Modular Construction for a Sustainable and Efficient Industry,” will explore approaches to sustainable and operationally efficient models for construction in the affordable housing sector, highlighting the overall higher building quality and durability outcomes.

For more information on the conference, visit the Modular for Affordable Housing Sydney website.