Barangaroo Development


Sydney, NSW


Quantity Surveying

Client name

Barangaroo Delivery Authority


Mixed Use Development


Gary Tayfield


Keith Brandon

MBM have been involved in various sub-projects for Barangaroo Delivery Authority. One of our initial projects was “Wynyard Walk” which involved looking at various cost options for a pedestrian underground walkway.

Barangaroo Public Domain Stage 1($85m) which included Foreshore Road, Harris Street, Major Streets, Local Streets, Slow Traffic Zones, Through-site links/laneways, kerbs, gutters, granite trim, vehicle crossovers, pedestrian ramps, bluestone rumble strips, footpath widening, thresholds, street closures, concrete pavements, service covers, tree planting in street and sea wall assessment. MBM were involved in Cost Planning and Proponent Bid Assessment. Barangaroo Central: Parklands and associated Works ($68m) Cost Planning Services.

Barangaroo Headland Park and Northern Cove ($161m). This included tunnel connecting carpark to Dalgety Road, Cultural Space, Foreshore promenade, amenities, storage buildings, Munn Street viewing terrace, water taxi drop off and stair access, signage, demotion of Sydney Ports Control Tower, retain Moores Wharf. Cost Planning Services

South Contribution Options ($44m) – Cost Planning Services on :

  • Hickson Road Upgrade
  • Shelly/Lim Street Connection
  • Napoleon to Kent Street
  • Extension of Westpac Plaza
  • Napolean Street Bridge Crossing
  • Waterfront Promenade
  • Pedestrian Pathways
  • Vehicle Access Roads
  • Pedestrian Bridge over Hickson Road

MBM is the nominated quantity surveyor on this project since 2009, providing the full spectrum of Quantity Surveying services, including initial cost planning, schematic & detailed design cost plans, PTE and Tender Reviews, Cost Reporting and Post Contract services.