Kedron State School New Learning Centre


Kedron, QLD


Quantity Surveying

Client name

Queensland Department of Education




Andrew Butler

The Kedron local area has experienced significant growth in the school-aged population and Kedron State High School required additional facilities to continue to meet their enrolment demand.

The school is located on a small footprint and the available building platforms and play spaces were very limited. Temporary hire buildings were placed on the oval to accommodate the student growth.

A 3 level Learning Centre has been constructed named the “Kedron Tree House” and consists of 8 new learning spaces and 1 future proofed additional space. The administration area was relocated to the new Learning Centre and the existing administration area converted into 2 additional teaching spaces. A covered link was also constructed from the new building to the spine of the school.

We provided the full suite of Quantity Surveying services all-encompassing preparation of initial concept cost plan, design cost options, design development cost plan, pre-tender estimate, benchmark report, tender review & comparisons, monthly cost reports and cashflows, variation assessments, progress payment review and recommendations.