Building Consultancy

MBM’s Building Consultants provide expert advice on the condition of assets, their compliance, defects and future expenditure requirements.

The pillars for this service includes:

MBM undertake building inspections that assess the condition of a building at acquisition or divestment and identify its maintenance and capital expenditure requirements. Our reports provide vendors and purchasers with a clear, well supported analysis of a buildings age, condition and future expenditures.

MBM undertakes a detailed inspection of the premises and a review of the lease to prepare make good schedules. Our reports include identification of breaches of the lease including items of disrepair and general remedial works and provide clarity and certainty for tenants and landlords to mitigate future disputes.

MBM carry out building inspections to assess the current condition of the building. Our reports identify building defects and assess backlog maintenance and building compliance. We can review the maintenance regime including procedures and processes to assist in the preparation of maintenance and capital expenditure plans and budgets. Our work enables the owner to make informed long-term asset management decisions.

MBM prepares Schedule of Condition or Dilapidations Reports which are used to mitigate future make good dispute by documenting the condition of the premises at lease commencement.

Under the Retirement Village Act, operators require Asset Management Plans to be developed as per Section 101A of the Act. The requirements include a 3 Year Plan, a Maintenance Schedule and an Asset Register. MBM can undertake these works as well as act as an independent QS to review other providers plans to determine if they meet the requirements of the Act.

MBM have 3 Registered Building Inspectors under the SBBIS Scheme and can provide all required services including Interim and Final Reports and liaison with the Developer, Owners Corporation and the Secretary (NSW Fair Trading).

Our Recent Projects

Service Lead

Alan Stewart

Director – Building Consultancy

Alan is a Chartered Building Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the UK and Australian markets. He leads a team of world class Building Surveyors who help us deliver certainty.