Richard Smith



New South Wales


Chartered Institute of Building Member

Richard is an advocate for industrial innovation, an advisor on affordable housing, and an expert on design methodologies.

Richard carved a successful quantity surveying career in the United Kingdom following the completion of his Bachelor of Science and shaped his repertoire through the extremes of the construction industry – from economic recessions to transformational booms.

With over 30 years of international experience, Richard applies his specialisations to promote advancements in the Australian residential development sector. He frequently engages in keynote speaking at industry events to further discussions on design, construction, and sustainability opportunities. An ambitious, progressive Director, Richard oversees major commercial building, residential, hospitality, and education projects.

Richard is a member of the Chartered Institute of Buildings (CIOB) and proudly drives evolutions in the built environment. His passion for industry continues to feed his superlative expertise on construction input factors, economic forecasts, project risk management, and sustainable adoptions.