Gasworks Plaza Acp Replacement

Associate - Quantity Surveyor

Andrew Butler

AMP Capital
76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead, QLD

AMP Capital engaged Core Project Consulting to provide an external cladding audit report to determine BCA (Building Code of Australia) compliance for any external cladding material found at Gasworks Plaza. 


Samples were taken by the façade team and the polyethylene content obtained via testing at UNSW found the product was considered combustible by the BCA.  The recommendation was to remove and replace the Aluminium Composite cladding (ACP) to minimise risk. 


MBM developed a cost plan with the client and consulting team in a collaborative approach, for the removal and replacement of aluminium composite cladding with the following replacement options:

-  CFC sheeting with sealed joints and finished with site applied acrylic coatings

-  Solid aluminium pre-finished sheets


Further to this MBM broke the cost plan into priority works based on a risk management strategy.


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