Maintenance Contracting Model Review


South Australia


Asset Management

Client name

SA Housing


Social and Affordable Housing

Project Lead

Justin Noakes

Image Credit

South Australian Government

In collaboration with DPTI and SA Housing, MBM examined the resourcing requirements under a multi-trade contractor model and a housing specific AGFMA model to deliver maintenance for the property portfolio.

MBM analysed current activities and costs, assessed contemporary practices, and developed options for the future delivery of the maintenance services.

MBM’s deliverables as part of the engagement included strategic needs analysis; the identification and prioritisation of service needs, risks and options; the development of service reform implementation plans; commercial policy advice; the development and evaluation of project delivery options and options analysis.

Additionally, MBM delivered a preliminary cost benefit analysis; preliminary project costing and whole of life costing (including benchmarking and risk valuation); preliminary market analysis, due diligence and assessment, possibly including preliminary market soundings; and risk management identification and mitigation strategies.