University of Sydney – Deferred Maintenance Process Assurance Review



New South Wales




University of Sydney



Project Lead

Ujwal Lakra


Scott Denison

MBM undertook an independent review of the University’s approach to risk assessment and the prioritisation of deferred building maintenance works. Our services evaluated the appropriateness of the framework developed by the University and aimed to identify any opportunities for improvement.

The capability of the University’s assets to support its strategic objectives is considered fundamental to the University’s mission. Maintaining the University’s assets to effectively support strategic objectives including teaching, education and research outcomes is therefore a fundamental input to its capability and capacity as an educational institution and a core operational responsibility.

The review’s aim was to provide the University with independent assurance that would test the framework’s appropriateness in the context of keeping with the University’s asset management objectives.

MBM were engaged by the University to independently review its risk-based approach to managing the program of deferred maintenance works having consideration for the method of risk assessment and works prioritisation (the framework). The review determined whether the framework was appropriate in keeping with the University’s asset management objectives and consistent with industry best practices.

The aim of the review was to provide independent assurance as to the appropriateness of the framework, the calibration of risk and priority assessment methods and a reasonable approach to determining the highest priority need. Additionally, the MBM team also commented on the maturity of the framework in the context of the University’s approach to strategic asset management through the system.