Australian National University – Kambri Precinct Operational Review



Australian Capital Territory




Australian National University



Project Lead

Ujwal Lakra


Scott Denison

Image Credit

Lahznimmo Architects / ASPECT Studios
Martin Ollmann

Kambri, a dynamic and culturally significant precinct at the heart of ANU, embodies the ANU’s vision as a centre for innovation and knowledge. MBM was engaged to undertake an events, functions, and operations services review for the Kambri Precinct.

The scope of the review included 16 venues consisting of several facilities with multiple internal venue spaces and several outdoor venue spaces.

As Kambri’s management transitioned in-house in 2022, it was an opportune moment to reassess and optimise its event & function and operational management and delivery systems and processes.

MBM attended site and undertook an audit of the Kambri Precinct operations (internal booking processes, event booking systems, staffing levels, business model, interdependencies on other stakeholders, etc.) and provided recommendations on possible improvements with the goal to streamline and enhance the operational framework of the precinct.

Findings were captured in a final report which considered whether the Facilities and Services Division was operating the Kambri Precinct in a manner consistent with contemporary practices for the venue management industry, with recommendations on opportunities for improvement, including a roadmap (implementation plan) to achieve those recommendations.