MBM are delighted to be providing quantity surveying services on the Regal Theatre renovation project, led by Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects, following community consultation by the Burnside Council. Formerly known as the Princess Theatre, the art deco building was built in 1925 and is an icon in the Kensington Park community.


A key focus for the project team, together with Burnside Council, has been to conserve the rich personality and history of the heritage listed building, whilst also modernising the precinct to meet the growing needs of the community.


Planed development of the cinema includes:

  • Preservation and enhancement of the existing theatre building
  • Ability to accommodate movies, live entertainment, and complimentary activities to increase the precincts use and patronage
  • Improved car parking, including easily accessible connections and disability access
  • Enhanced open spaces, including landscaping and improved sustainability of the area


Rob Williamson – General Manager of MBM’s South Australia branch, is excited about the future of the project and what it means for the Kensington Park community.  “I am thrilled with MBM’s involvement on such an important Adelaide icon. The upgrades to the building and expansion of the surrounding areas will increase usability and accessibility, adding value to the community”, Rob said.


“We are so proud to be a part of the project team and working with Burnside Council”, he added.


The Regal Theatre project is currently in the detailed design stage.


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