This International Women’s Day, MBM are pleased to support the Women’s and Girls ‘Emergency Centre (WAGEC).

The WAGEC is a grassroots, not-for-profit organisation which works to create safe spaces for women and children who are affected by homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage. They provide supplies, emergency support, short and medium-term accommodation, and programs to educate women on their career options and economic opportunities.

The work that WAGEC conducts has a huge impact on its clients and gives women and children the opportunity to access invaluable programs to move forward with their lives, regardless of their past experiences. We are excited to be providing our pro bono services to WAGEC to develop transient emergency accommodation for women, girls and families who have experienced domestic violence. MBM have donated $5000 to WAGEC so they can continnue their wonderful work in our community. We are proud to be involved with creating safe spaces for women and children and look forward to continuing to support WAGEC in the future.

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